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 Deception defined Wyatt Earp and the two women who were married to him longest. Their stories remained elusive, buried by the legend that emerged around Wyatt.

Mattie Blaylock lived with him during the years when prostitution and corruption ran their lives, clinging to the lies she told herself and fighting to remain her own woman. Josephine Marcus deceived others her entire life, hiding her less-than-desirable past and opening doors to the role she craved. When Josie met Wyatt, it was easy enough to reinvent him as well. The myth that emerged from her fabrications created a history that destroyed Mattie and left Josie struggling to keep her stories straight.


“Nowak’s sensitive and unflinching exploration of the Earp women, who fight the world and each other to love and protect their famous men, grips the reader from the start.”—K. Lyn Wurth, author of The Not So Quiet Life of Calamity Jane


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Sacrificing dreams and risking family, five women follow their husbands to an isolated Minnesota settlement. Struggling to survive, they develop resilience but none are prepared for the challenges they face when starving bands of Santee Sioux (Dakota) take up arms against the whites during the 1862 Dakota Conflict.

Laura Duley left Indiana as a newlywed. Promised a perfect life, she endured years on the hostile frontier and the loss of family only to be taken captive by the Dakota. Independent and protective, Lavina Eastlick was shot, beaten, and left for dead after witnessing the death of several of her children. In the hope that two still survived, she stumbled miles to reach safety. Christina Koch was a headstrong German immigrant determined to make a new life in America. Challenging her captors at every turn, she finally escaped to safety. Almena Hurd, unwavering in her commitment to family, was already dealing with a missing husband when she was sent alone onto the prairie with two small children. She survived by carrying one, then returning for the other, a quarter mile at a time. Julia Wright, the honest, practical wife of an unscrupulous trader, used her language skills and understanding of the Dakota to help the captives during their ordeal, becoming so valuable that her captor refused to release her to her rescuers, the Yankton Sioux Fool Soldier Band.

Their braided stories reveal a common will that allowed them to hold on no matter what and to never let go.

Praise for NEVER LET GO

“With exquisite detail and a compelling narrative, Pamela Nowak has once again penned a remarkable story and reset the horrifying events of Lake Shetek, Minnesota in 1875 in our imaginations. The women and their men in Never Let Go come to life as do their hopes and dreams and disappointments. One cannot read this book without wondering how we would have fared in the decisions required: How to survive, how to forgive and how to go on and when to say good-bye. Never Let Go is an extraordinary gift of story-telling.”   –Jane Kirkpatrick, NY Times bestselling author of One More River to Cross.

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In 1905, Lottie Chase arrives in Denver after fleeing New York with her ten-year-old daughter, Elsa. Fearing Elsa might become a victim of the uncle who raped Lottie, Lottie is determined to make a new life. She seizes the chance to escape by traveling west with a friend from her days as a huckster at Coney Island.

Abandoned in Denver, Lottie secures a job at Elitch’s Gardens, one of the city’s new amusement parks. Everything would be perfect if it weren’t for the garden manager, Caleb Hudson. Cared for by park co-owner Mary Elitch Long since he was a boy, Caleb is fiercely protective and fears the pretty con artist plans to take advantage of the Longs. Despite Lottie’s dedicated work ethic, he resents her intrusion into his private world, his sanctuary from traumatic wartime memories. He is overwhelmed by her talkative nature and thirst for excitement. A runaway hot-air balloon, Caleb’s bitter flashbacks, an awe-filled roller coaster ride, and selection of the carved animals for the park’s new carousel bring them closer. Together, they fight an attack on Lottie, extortion, and the arrival of Lottie’s uncle.

Lottie realizes the only way to save her love for Caleb and protect Elsa from her uncle is to face her past. Caleb and Lottie embrace, knowing there is no longer any escape for them, either. They have met their demons and have willingly become captives of love.


“A young woman shows how far she’ll go to save her daughter from an awful fate…[the] story is greatly enriched by the historical details Nowak provides on the real-life Elitch’s Gardens, which existed from 1890 to 1994, when it was moved closer to downtown Denver.” –Kirkus

“Nowak brilliantly weaves the history of the actual park into her story and skillfully paints a vivid picture of life there. She deftly handles the delicate topics of incest and PTSD without becoming maudlin. It’s easy to visualize the animals, rides and Caleb’s flowerbeds as conveyed by Nowak’s beautiful prose.” –Romantic Times Book Reviews

“Nowak is as skilled with settings as she is with emotional tone. Elitch’s Gardens was a real amusement park in Denver, and the rides, animals, and Mary Elitch Long and her husband Tom are brought to vivid life again.” –Historical Novel Society

“As Nowak orchestrates a romance between two people who are afraid to trust, she skillfully blends danger, a painful social issue as old as time, and the lush history of an actual amusement park.” –Booklist Starred Review


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CHANGES Summary 

In 1879, Lise Dupree has earned a respected role as ChangesFrontOmaha’s head librarian by hiding her part-Sioux heritage.  But, when she learns her ailing aunt has been arrested with a band of Ponca Indians, she agrees to help mount a legal battle, never realizing her actions will force her to change the way she defines herself.

District Attorney Zach Spencer has spent his life emulating his grandfather, an influential attorney and politician.  Gramps taught him justice and the law are synonymous and to never question the integrity of the system.  Now, Zach is launching his own political career.  He never suspects his next case and the fiery Lise Dupree will force him to question those values.  On opposite sides of the Standing Bear case, Lise and Zach discover an immediate and ever-increasing attraction.

Together, they face a power-hungry campaign advisor and a bitter Indian agent determined to avenge his family.  As they encounter secrets about the past, sabotage, blackmail, and violence, they discover new truths about life and themselves.  Zach’s strong belief that law and justice mean the same thing waivers.  Lise is awed by Standing Bear’s proud refusal to abandon his heritage and questions her decision to hide her own identity.

Against the backdrop of the historic Trial of Standing Bear, Lise and Zach discover a smoldering love and a shared passion for justice.   To seize their future together, they must confront themselves and embrace the changes that have allowed them to open their hearts to one another.

Praise for CHANGES

“Pamela Nowak has the rare ability to bring history to vivid life with lush, well-developed characters and masterful storytelling skills. Her readers won’t be disappointed!” — Alexis Harrington, author of Home By Nightfall

“A sweeping romance set against the tumultuous backdrop of the American West, CHANGES by Pamela Nowak is rich in historical detail and is peopled with true-to-life characters. It’s a must-read for anyone interested in an in-depth and balanced look at the Poncas’ struggle for recognition as American citizens. Pamela Nowak is a powerful voice in the world of historical
fiction!”  –Elaine Levine, author of the Men of Defiance series

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Though Fort Randall is an isolated outpost in 1876, Miriam Longstreet finds lifeChoices there far more complicated than she expected when she reluctantly returns from boarding school. Harriet, her haughty mother, is an explosive laudanum addict, her free-spirited sister runs wild, and her father seems too occupied with his duties as commanding officer to notice. Miriam’s independent streak rebels at Harriet’s insistence that she abide by the narrow rules of army social structure. Seeking self-reliance, Miriam is confronted with difficult choices that could change her destiny.

Determined to prove her maturity then join her friend Sarah in Denver, Miriam soon realizes Harriet’s volatile behavior endangers her sister, and she sets her plans aside. She meets Private Jake Deakins. Drawn to Jake’s raw masculinity, Miriam is unable to resist verbally sparring with him. Their attraction deepens into friendship despite the possibility their familiarity could be construed as misconduct. When eligible Lt. Robert Wood shows interest in Miriam, it seems the perfect alternative. Unaware that Robert’s sole motivation is advancing his career, Miriam welcomes his courting.

But Jake has introduced Miriam to a world unencumbered by artificial social rules. Rebelling, she befriends a laundress, explores class differences, convinces her father to allow a mixed-class party, campaigns for an all-post school, and confronts her parents. Her growing passion with Jake leads them to take risks that could ruin Jake’s career. Meanwhile, Robert and Harriet plot to manipulate Miriam into marriage and Robert volunteers Jake for special duty in a life-threatening Indian fight.

As Robert and Harriet become increasingly more maniacal, Miriam and Jake realize they are in love. Together, they face a raging blizzard, the possibility of Jake’s court-martial, Harriet’s growing abusiveness, and Robert’s escalating deception and violence. The life-and-death choices they face could change everything.

Praise for CHOICES “Nowak’s a huge talent with a long career in front of her. Choices grabs the reader on the first page and doesn’t let go…freshly told, compelling.” -Sharon Mignerey, award-winning romantic suspense author

“This is a remarkable story of unforgettable characters. With vivid prose, forbidden love, treachery and deceit, and fascinating details of life at a 19th century army fort, it’s a real page turner.” -Amanda Harte, author of the Forbidden Falls series.

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CHANCES SummaryChancesFront-A

In 1876, rough and tumble Denver is full of challenges for outspoken female telegrapher Sarah Donovan. Determined to make her mark, she arrives in the male-dominated town and marches head-long into the fight for women’s suffrage and any other cause she can find. She doesn’t expect to face the fact that she hides behind causes to avoid her own vulnerability nor does she suspect she will find her strength by opening her heart and risking love.

When Sarah delivers a telegram to the wrong person, she must apologize to staunchly conservative undertaker Daniel Petterman. Despite his relief that Sarah has also rescued his young daughters from local hoodlums, Daniel can’t hide his distaste for the suffragist. His careful, pensive approach to life’s problems is at complete odds with Sarah’s radical assertiveness, and he fears she will corrupt his daughters with her progressive crusading.

Unexpectedly discovering themselves on the same side of local politics, they develop a grudging respect for one another. Sarah’s fiery disposition forces Daniel’s hidden passions to the surface as the smoldering attraction between them erupts. Amid political turmoil, they find time to experience the delights and complications of ice skating on a frozen creek, dancing at a noisy German beer hall, and impromptu kisses.

Their growing relationship of trust and love is blind-sided when Sarah’s resentful coworker maliciously accuses her of using the telegraph to solicit men. Rumors explode, threatening Sarah’s reputation, career, and her standing in the suffrage association. When the gossip spreads to include Daniel and his daughters, Sarah must confront the allegations head-on. A violent suffrage riot, prostitution charges, and runaway trains force Daniel and Sarah to make life and death decisions about the chances they are willing to take on love and on themselves.

Praise for CHANCES “Simmering sensuality, captivating glimpses of Denver’s past and a thoughtful tale of self-discovery via the magic of love. An exciting debut!” –Denver best-selling historical romance author, Janet Lane

“…a fascinating time period, conflicted hero and feisty heroine. Readers will love the interesting details of Denver…I’m eager to see what Nowak will do in her next book!”    –Maggie Osborne, author of Foxfire Bride.

“A fascinating historical romance with a spunky heroine and an intense hero, Chances is set against the rich backdrop of early Denver and the women’s suffrage movement.  Don’t miss this book!”  — Robin D. Owens, RITA(c) Award Author of HeartMate

“CHANCES is a fast-paced story that is nearly impossible to put down.  Debut author Pamela Nowak is a bright new star of historical romance.” –Inspirational Suspense Author Sharon Mignerey

Winner of 2009 HOLT Medallion for Best First Book Recipient of 2009 WILLA Finalist Award for Historical Fiction Named as One of Booklist’s Top Ten Romance Books of 2008 and Top 101 Romances of the Decade

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