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Cheyenne Signing Rescheduled


September 14, 2013 by Pamela Nowak

We have opted to reschedule my Cheyenne signing at Barnes and Noble. The new date is Saturday, Sept. 28, 1-4 p.m.Boulder

Colorado is a mess!  Roads have washed out, rivers are flooding broad areas, whole towns are isolated (and might be for weeks or more). And some are gone…

My heart goes out to folks in Boulder, Estes Park, and Lyons as well as to those who live in Big Thompson Canyon. Water has rushed its way downriver, reaching the plains and cutting off small townear Lovelandns there as well.

The route between here and Cheyenne goes through some of those areas. I-25, complety closed last night, is now partially reopen but not all the way. The other route north, Highway 85, is closed in some areas but open at the state border–for now. Creative navigating might work but the experts are predicting more rain for this afternoon in that same corridor. Lyons

After talking to Barnes and Noble, we’ve decided it’s best to reschedule. I had put off the decision until this morning, hoping waters would recede but the news coverage still makes the trip look risky.

I remain warm and dry, unable to look away from all those pictures of the horrific damage, and thankful I was involved only to this extent.

Stay safe, Colorado!!

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